Power up your hoverblades in this speedrunning platformer! Weave through futuristic cities making split second pathing decisions.
ROOFTOP RENEGADE is an action platformer all about speed & flow. Evade capture through futuristic skyscrapers channeling powerful abilities from your hoverblades. Boost through levels under constant bombardment, avoid dangerous hazards, and make split second decisions that mean the difference between a new personal best or total wipeout. Master precise controls and smooth physics to get into the zone. Blast through levels at high speeds while chaining together abilities and making split-second pathway decisions. Pursued by the sinister Globacorp, avoid capture while avoiding hazards and traps caused by incoming fire from gunners.

How We Helped?

For nine months, it was a pleasure to collaborate with Melonhead Games. We executed a PR campaign during that time, from the announcement of Rooftop Renegade’s release date, its multi-platform launch, and to its post-launch accolades. Our efforts led to the following accomplishments:
While this took place, we revitalised their social media channels. In that time, we collaborated with the development team to build a social media engagement campaign that doubled their Twitter following and generated over 73,000 owned media impressions.


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Patrick Webb​
Founder at Melonhead Games​

"Alex was enthusiastic to work with and consistently engaged during the crucial build up to launch. Taking the reins of our Marketing and PR efforts enabled vital reach while keeping the development team focussed on having the game ready for launch day. His work allowed us to reach a plethora of media outlets and communities that we hadn't tapped into, leading to a positive launch and continued coverage. "


You can also contact me by email: [email protected]