Project: Nightlight is a VR survival horror game with a focus on immersive atmospheres. To survive the night you will need to solve puzzles and face the unseen horrors in the dark by using your wits and what little resources you can find.
“What was that?” It’s quiet. Too quiet. But the night watch always is. The Department is empty, and your only company is the voice on the walkie-talkie. After collecting your gear, your shift begins, but tonight will be unlike any other. Project: Nightlight is an atmospheric VR horror game where, as a security guard, it is your job to protect the facility. It would appear there has been a breach in security when it becomes apparent that something has been tampered with. At the mercy of the walkie-talkie’s instruction, you are urged deeper into the building to ensure the safety of The Artifact.

How We Helped?

For nine months, we worked with the team at Fringe Realities to bring to market and promote their debut VR horror game Project: Nightlight. In that time, we ran a PR campaign that highlighted every milestone prior and post-launch. Due to the complexities of virtual reality, we sought to find press and content creators who focused on covering VR and horror As a result of our PR efforts, we accomplished:
While this took place, we assisted in creating all of their trailers, including their announcement, release date and launch trailers. In addition, we created a social media campaign that capitalised on the game’s unique capabilities whilst engaging with the genre’s audience and communities. In addition, we helped the team to create lasting relationships with local and international horror game developers, creating avenues for cross-promotion and further community engagement. As a result of our social media efforts, we accomplished:
Post-launch, we provided a comprehensive sales promotion strategy that documented effective sales strategies and key Steam sales events.


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Proyect N
Alex Goodwins​
Founder at Fringe Realities​

"We had a very hard time finding someone we trusted with marketing our game. Once we meet Alex, his professional behaviour, willingness to adapt to us, and ability to change to meet our needs put us all at ease. He did an amazing job handling not only our social media but our email campaign as well."


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