Joon Shining is a golf-like platformer with a fantasy twist. Combining traditional golf & mini-golf with elements of puzzle platforming, it evolves the hit-and-wait formula of golf by adding *magic*! You play as Joon – a young wizard travelling across the multiverse. As you advance through 8 unique worlds, learn to master your arcane powers to solve weird & mind-bending challenges. Harness your abilities to manipulate physics. Solve puzzles. Discover collectibles. And learn the secret of the Mage Drops…

Master the elements. Explore mystical worlds. Harness ancient powers. Joon Shining is an enchanted golf-like platformer with a fantasy twist.

How We Helped?

We had the pleasure of working with Al from Orchid of Redemption and Lamplight Forest for nine months. In that time, we ran a PR campaign, from its release date announcement, Steam launch, and post-launch accolades. As a result of our efforts, we accomplished:
While this took place, we assisted in creating content for the developer’s social media accounts, highlighting key gameplay features in bite size snippets. Post-launch, we provided a comprehensive sales promotion strategy that documented effective sales strategies and key Steam sales events.


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Al Thumm​
Director of Lamplight Forest​

"Alex has been great to work with. He has a real passion for games that drives him to deeply engage with and explore many avenues and opportunities of this complex industry. He helped us get connections and exposure that would have otherwise been impossible for us as a small indie team. He's great to communicate with, and really sought to understand and communicate the essence of our game in a way that remained true to our vision"


You can also contact me by email: [email protected]